Top Keto Tips: Expert Roundup

Top Keto Tips: Expert Roundup

Getting used to the keto diet is tough. Everyone knows that. I already published my own post with my most helpful keto tips. But now I’ve decided to turn to the experts to hear what they had to say.

What are the one or two most important things to keep in mind when starting the ketogenic diet?

The experts weigh in…

Jamie, from Healthy With Jamie, has this to say:

1. Track what you eat.
2. Speed the results up be combining with intermittent fasting.
3. Forget everything you learned about low fat diets. Fat is not the enemy, sugar is. 

You can read more about Jamie’s tips on the keto diet here .

Lisa, from Low Carb Yum, has a lot to say on the topic of successfully starting a low carb diet:

The first thing she points out is that there are many types of low carb diets – keto, paleo, Atkins, Mediterranean low carb, and more. You can read her in depth post to find out more about each of these types of diet to determine which is best for you. Keto is very hard, and it isn’t for everyone, so keep an open mind and get educated on which diet is the right one for you!

Anna, from Appetite for Energy, says the following about ketosis and electrolytes:

My top tip is to keep your electrolytes (salts) and water intake up to prevent keto flu, not just when starting a keto diet, but ongoing. Add 1/2 teaspoon of salt to your drinking water over the day or drink a few cups of bone broth and add extra salt to your cooking. Your water intake should be half your body weight (in pounds) in water (in oz). If you use the metric system, it’s 2-3 liters daily! 

Read more of Anna’s healthy diet tips here.

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Hilda, from Fit to Serve Group, says this regarding starting the keto diet:

Because getting into ketosis and staying in optimal levels can prove to be challenging, supplementing with exogenous ketones can serve as an effective tool for the keto dieter.

Read more about her idea of using ketone supplements, and her in depth post about the pros and cons of the keto diet, here.

Jo, from Nourishing Time, warns of other issues you may face on the keto diet:

Keto can often cause constipation. Some top tips to help are: exercise, drinking more liquids, eating more vegetables, and more. You can read her in-depth post about keto constipation and how to help ease it here.

How about trying these keto recipes?

Loaded Cauliflower Au Gratin
Garlic Chive Cauliflower Mash
Egg Roll in a Bowl

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